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Full Blown Mosey are a melodic hard rock band from Wyoming. They have been playing together for many years, performing hundreds of gigs. Their influences are plentiful, but they all seem to agree on a heavy guitar sound with a great melody on top.

The nucleus of the band can be traced back to 1990 when Greg and Rocky played together after high school. They did covers of Maiden, Dokken, D.A.D., and Scorpions to name a few. They also learned the art of songwriting and some of the riffs on the Temporal Cadence album were written in those days.

Greg eventually left, and the band was desperate to find a vocalist capable of singing in the range of the music they loved. They also were in need of a bass player. As fate would have it, Rocky met Kirk, newly transplanted to Wyoming from Bakersfield, who was accomplished in both disciplines. "I started out on vocals, but I wanted to play something on stage, too. Plus, in Bakersfield there were so many musicians, but a lack of bass players," says Kirk. In addition, Kirk was a prolific songwriter.

No one knew what to expect on that first audition/rehearsal together, but it didnít take more than one song to find mutual respect for each otherís talents. Their musical backgrounds were slightly different, with Kirk more in tune with the classic rock of the 70ís and Rocky grounded in the metal of the 80ís. It was a great combination, and the guys booked their first gig at a biker club. This was before the radio stations had a "classic rock" format, so the songs they played sounded fresh to the audience. Many of the audience had never heard such dead-on impressions of bands like Led Zeppelin, Night Ranger, or Bad Company in years. They mixed the older material with newer songs at the time by Megadeth, STP and Pearl Jam to name a few. They were an instant success, and soon were booked almost every weekend the years to follow, playing clubs and events for their motorcycle-riding brethren. The band continued to write and perform their own music, although it had unfortunately taken a backseat to keeping their audience happy with familiar tunes.

After a few years, Greg rejoined. It was an awesome addition to have both Kirk and Greg in the band. He has a great voice along with his guitar playing skills. "I have really enjoyed the years that I have been playing with these guys. It is a joy to be surrounded by such talent," says Greg. At this point, the guys decided on a new name of Full Blown Mosey.

Full Blown Mosey has been asked for years, "when are you guys doing an album?" After all the time together, they had the songs and had recorded several demos, but they wanted to do a record properly. They began work on Temporal Cadence as we know it at a studio in Denver. However, it became a problem to finish the record with Denver being a long distance. In 2004, drummer Dale Ortega joined, and it was decided that they would do it themselves. Rocky converted his basement into a home studio to start over in 2005. Juggling day-job work schedules and a regular gig dates, Dale finished his drum parts. As the rest of the guys worked at layering their parts on top of his tracks, Dale became ill. He passed away in November of 2006, leaving the rest of the guys in a state of shock After recovering from their loss, FBM knew they had to finish the album, and they would dedicate it to their fallen band-mate.

The result is that "Temporal Cadence" contains a variety of rocking music that may remind the listener of classic Kiss, Rush, or Triumph. Glenn Lemons of radio station KDLY-FM says, "Iím so impressed by the sound quality, and itís really technical actually. The album rocks! Itís kind of like Kiss and Pearl Jam mixed to Full Blown Mosey. I highly recommend it." Be sure to check out the samples for yourself on their page at cdbaby.com.

FBM has had the Spinal Tap curse when it comes to drummers. The current drummer (and hopefully last), Jaime, was asked to join when the guys were ready to play live again. A natural, Jaime learned by tapping on the steering wheel of his car and his friends suggested he try it out on a real kit. "Most of my friends were drummers growing up. A lot of them just quit when they saw how fast I picked it up," laughs Jaime.

"We have all grown together as family, and although Dale will be sadly missed, we add a new member to the family. Jaime is a great guy and an excellent drummer, and I look forward what the future may bring," says Greg.

Whatís next for the guys will be a new batch of songs, most of which Kirk has already written, for a pending second album. It promises to be fresher sounding and more philosophical than Temporal Cadence, but will still offer a variety of hard rock styles. Rocky says, "we might be more like a Led Zeppelin record as opposed to record you hear these days that sticks to a single style. So you may hear a little bit of blues, metal, even folk and a hint of my classical influence."

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