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Concrete Web
"In other words, I like - nay, I love this stuff! Kirk’s voice may be slightly nasal, and he might not always hit those high notes as clean as it should be, but in the end he gives the band a distinctive face quite of their own! Of course, this being an American band, you gótta expect the guys to write and play a ballad of sorts as well and FBM do this somewhat strong-headedly by bringing the nicely atmospheric (and short) "In Reverence" (featuring Greg on synthesizers, and some bit of acoustic guitar), as well as a real ballad with "Nite Drive", on which Kirk and Greg give perfect evidence of how well their voices can blend!"
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Room Thirteen
‘Temporal Cadence’ is a powerful album with every song bursting with emotion... in a macho, biker, rocker, hard man kinda way, of course..! One minute it’ll be tugging at your heart strings (‘Nite Drive’ made me feel particularly emotional), the next it’ll have you full of attitude ready to take on the world - ‘Fast Moving Shadow’ in particular, which kicks off with a motorbike revving, screams excitement, tempting your adventurous side to come out to play.
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Danger Dog
Full Blown Mosey serves up a solid platter of melodic hard rock on Temporal Cadence. The first and most obvious characteristic of this work is the exceptional production. The mix is clear and bright, something totally unexpected for an independent basement production.
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Sinister Angels Realm
This album gets stronger on each listen, I imagine its going to be in my cd player alot in the future, especially if I have any long road trips which this album was simply made for, great driving music!!
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Graceful Degredation
Production is solid and there's a great quality to the sound, very clear, and a good balance. I'm particularly liking the bass rhythms underscoring the tracks, courtesy of Kirk Warren who also wrote the lyrics and provides vocals along with guitarist Greg Scott.
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Andy Flash
Full Blown Mosey is a party rock band and songs like Mistaken,Saturday Night and Fast Moving Shadow sure proves that.
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Some of the stand out tracks include album opener 'Mistaken', 'Fast Movin Shadow' and excellent 'Beserker' and album closer 'Now I Know'. To be honest there's not a bad track in sight here, just great songs by a great band with crystal clear production.
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